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I'm a freelance marketing professional specializing in logo design, website development and creative content generation.
I believe in the importance of engagement with potential clients and building on experiences to create loyal customers.

Hi. My name is Nicole.

I am passionate about creating and designing engaging content. Can I help you?

We live in a digital world … so what kind of impression are you leaving on your customers and potential clients?


A few things I can do for you

Every business is different: your audience, your goals, your specialty.
Marketing efforts should reflect your story and highlight what makes you different.


Your company’s logo should be simple and unique.  Whether you are starting from scratch or just need an update, I can help come up with a design to meet your brand’s needs.


Your website is often how the world is first introduced to your brand – and you know what they say about first impressions. Let’s work together to come up with a site that fits you.


Whether it’s website content, social media content, writing press releases, ad copy or marketing collaterals, it’s important that your message be consistent across all mediums.


Social media should be social. Facebook, Instagram – wherever your customers are is where you should be too – and where you should be interacting with them. Let me show you how.


I specialize in logo design, website creation, content management, social media management, event planning and email marketing. I believe in being creative and driving engagement in order to achieve your goals.

North Country
Medical & Wellness

Logo Design
Website Creation
Social Media Management

Jack Heath
Media Services

Logo Design
Website Creation


Logo Design
Website Creation
Social Media Management 
Content Management

Bedford Ambulatory
Surgical Center

Logo Design 
Website Creation 
Social Media Management 
Content Management
Event Planning

Latest News

I’m a wife, a mom and a full time marketing person – and I love every minute of all of it.
Stay up to date with my blog. I promise I’ll try and keep it interesting.

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